Met-tle (noun) - staying quality : stamina <equipment that proved its mettle>

Will these magnetic numbers hold?

YES! They are backed with super strong neodymium magnets that are about 10x stronger than regular refrigerator magnets so they hold tight to our steel products and stay put in any weather condition. 

Do you have letters too?

Sure do! Here's what we have readily available, if you need something special, just ask:

Will the rust finish stain my house?

We have designed our plaques, planters and mailboxes to prevent wall stains. Our wall-mounted designs limit the amount of exposure the metal has with your wall. Small 1/2" square tubing runs along the back edge(s) keeping the planter/plaque from lying directly on the wall. Silicone ‘bumpers’ are provided where the metal touches the wall and we treat our hangers with a painted anti-rust finish to further prevent any rust stains. 

Will your powder coated finishes rust?

Steel is prone to rust when exposed to the elements but a powder coated finish is the best protection for steel on the market. A polyester or epoxy powder is applied to the metal and it is then heated to fuse into a protective layer. These finishes should last many years but if you are in a very wet or coastal area, this may decrease the longevity of this finish. 

Is it easy to install?

YES! Those pesky individual numbers on pins or stand-offs are not easy to install, require you to drill quite a few holes in your home, and typically end up being crooked in the end. All of our designs only require two screws and a level and are very easy to install in any material (stone, brick, siding, concrete, stucco, etc..)



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