Rio Grande Yard Sign w/ Silver or Brass Numbers

Welcome Home. This large modern steel address sign adds instant curb appeal to your home with 6"H modern numbers cut directly from the steel. The stakes are inserted fully into the ground to give this sign the appearance of a solid piece of steel protruding from your yard. 

This address plaque is made to order in Austin, TX and is constructed of 14 gauge steel with a hand-finished and sealed rust patina OR a powder coated finish. This plaque features a 3/4" square tubing frame around the back to give the appearance of extra thickness and (2) metal stakes (in the same finish as the sign) that easily slide into two holes located on the back of the plaque. 

The address numbers are right justified (unless requested otherwise) and are backed with a contrasting color back plate for better readability. So the sign is just as attractive from the back, we provide a clean steel back to match the front finish so the contrasting color back plate is not visible.


Overall: 34"H x 11"W
Street Numbers: 6"H (If you have 5 numbers, we will adjust the sizing to 5.75"H to fit on sign, customer's can request larger numbers if space allows)
Stake Length: 21"H

Installation Method (VERY important, please read):

1) Slide both stakes into the designated holes located on the back of the plaque, the smaller part of the stake goes into the hole and the longer part will be inserted into the ground. You must line up the square peg on the stakes with the square holes on the back of the plaque. They will not go in at an angle and are meant to be snug to prevent this sign from wobbling.

2) Using both hands, push stakes and plaque into the ground as much as possible (It may help to get the soil wet before you install). This will ensure that you are hammering the stakes in at the correct distance apart from each other.

3) Take the plaque off the stakes BEFORE you begin hammering the stakes into the ground with a rubber mallet. This is VERY important because pounding the top of the stakes with the plaque installed can damage the plaque and the finish.

4) Since this plaque is so tall, we recommend filling the holes with concrete to prevent high winds from knocking down the sign.

5) Once you have hammered the stakes to your desired height, slide the plaque down on the stakes.

6) Welcome Home!

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