You've Got Mail Mailbox 2.0

Welcome Home. Create instant curb appeal with this unique mailbox with planter box for seasonal flowers or colorful succulents.

This mailbox is made to order in Austin, TX and is constructed of 14 gauge steel. The mailbox floats about a quarter inch off the wall and is held with a handmade metal cleat (included) for ease of hanging. Each mailbox has a welded 'lip' on the back so it easily slides into the custom metal cleat. 

Available finishes: our unique hand-finished rust patina finish or black or brown powder coated finishes. 

IMPORTANT: this mailbox isn't 100% leak-proof. We suggest hanging it under a porch or overhang to avoid any water dripping in through the back of the lid near the hinges.

Mailbox: 12"H x 16"W x 4"D (overall depth of mailbox + planter is 7"D)
Planter Box: 14"W x 5"H x 3"D (contains drainage holes) 

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